About Us

Bronze Girl Productions' is a company with the philosophy of moving through life with positive support.  One of our slogans is “Bronze Girls Keep It Moving With Positive Vibes."


The company is associated with 'Murphy Human Resource Consulting and Life Coach Services'. Both businesses owned by Mischwa Murphy-McAdams.


As the CEO and founder of the company,  she own's the trademark “Bronze Girl" as national trademark. It is for clothing, jewelry and handbags.



Mischwa Murphy-McAdams the CEO  and Artistic Director said,

"Our success is achieving the highest level of personal confidence and care towards oneself and others. She reminds you that:  "You are the queen diva in charge of your own life.

Please meet our team below.


Mischwa Murphy-McAdams




Mischwa MMc, Founder and CEO

Owner and CEO

Mischwa Murphy-McAdams

Phone: +1 707 695-3599

Email: bronzegirl@earthlink.net


Dynamic Diana L. Brown-Seminar Consultant and sales

Diana L. Brown, Dynamic Public Relations and Sales Consultant: with Shriely Sanders and owner of Bronze Girl Productioons: Mischwa Murphy-McAdams

www.bronzegirlproductions.com or bronzegirl@earthlink.net

Shirley A. Sanders, Fabulous Public Relations Rep.

Shirley A. Sanders, Public Relations Representative