Welcome to Bronze Girl Productions.   My business offers various goal setting and communication improvement workshop. This includes self development coaching held in 5 half hour telephone sessions with email follow-up based on each after session discussion and assignment/s. I offer half day group retreats and workshops.  My seminars are offered to large or small groups of 8-15 or more. 


All seminars include hands on exercises that will help each attendee learn skills and techniques that will make their communication more effective.  Attendees will learn five specific communication techniques.


The "Make It Happen" seminar assists those individuals who want to start a new business while still working their current job. It is also for those individuals who want to make their current hobby into a small business. Budgeting and goal planning and creating a business plan are just a two of the business strategies and skills the attendee will learn in these seminars. Personal assessment exercises are included in the 3 hour seminar/workshop. 


The Get What You Want" and Save Yourself seminar teaches you five communication techniques that help you get your way at home or at work. You will be taught how to recognize certain body language and gestures. You will be taught not to ignore certain oral and/or body-language cues while you are engaged in conversation with your employer's or family.  You will learn how to respond effectively and appropriately.  


You will taught how to adjust your body language or message delivery when needed so that you can be viewed professionally and/or less emotional. The goal it to become more polished in your presentation/s and relaxed.


Performance and Dance Workshops:

Bronze Girl Productions has a great network of dancers and drummers, which includes her availability of own dance and drum company. These performing artists are available for 1-2 hour master classes and 15-45 minute private or public dance performances. 


Products: The company has its own trademark brand necklace, "Bronze Girl.


The company's mantra's are: "Bronze Girls Turn it  Up" and " Bronze Girls Keep It Moving with Positive Vibes.”


As the founder and owner, I believe that Bronze Girl’s, like beautiful Art Deco bronze statues of the 1930s are flawless, gorgeous, diverse and strong.


Anyone can be a Bronze Girl!. It's simply a concept of personal style, strength, and positivity.



Thank you for visiting my site.




Mischwa Murphy-McAdams, CEO

Mischwa Murphy-McAdams Founder and CEO of Bronze Girl Productions and Murphy HR Consulting and Life Coach Services
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