Welcome to Bronze Girl Productions. I offer West African dance instrutional workshops for private, public groups, schools and churches.  My company can be booked for your special event. Travel fee may apply for non-local events.


Performances and Dance Workshops:

Bronze Girl Productions has a great network of dancers and drummers, which includes availability of my own dance and drum company. These performing artists are available for 1-2 hour master classes and 15-45 minute private or public dance performances. 


Products: The company has its own trademark brand necklace, "Bronze Girl.

Mischwa sell's handbags, jewelry, other items and brand t-shirts on occasion.


The company's mantra's are: "Bronze Girls Turn it  Up" and " Bronze Girls Keep It Moving with Positive Vibes.”


As the founder and owner, I believe that Bronze Girl’s, like beautiful Art Deco bronze statues of the 1930s are flawless, gorgeous, diverse and strong.


Anyone can be a Bronze Girl!. It's simply a concept of personal style, strength, and positivity.



Thank you for visiting my site.




Mischwa Murphy-McAdams, Artistic Director and Founder

BG necklace with sparkle B
55.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Choose the "Bronze Girl necklace with the wave accent under the bronze'...18' gold over silver plate. Make a statement. Remember 'Bronze Girls' Turn it Up. They tear it up, fix it up and keep it up!

sparkle b 225
image bronzegirl
55.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Bronzegirl signature necklace. 18 inch and 18'caret gold overlay. Very good quality.
Bronze Girls Turn it Up, Tear it Up, Fix it Up and Keep it Up. Bronze girls are full of love.
Wear the image and rock your sun kissed world!

BGnecklace image