What's New: Save Yourself and Achieve Your Goals Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions available under Murphy Human Resource & Coaching Services

"Save Yourself and Improve Your Communications.


5 Communications Techniques To Get Your Way at Work and at Home, Even If you have been accused of Being Too Emotional, Too Soft or Unprofessional.


Five 30 minute coaching sessions and 3 email weekly communicatons that include assignments and follow-up. The sessions help faciliate your reaching your goals and assessing any obstacles and challenges.


Mischwa  Murphy-McAdams is the founder of  'Murphy Human Resource Consulting and Life Coach Services' and owner of Bronze Girl  Productions. She is a certified life coach and has worked as a social worker associate, psychiatric technician and HR Consultant for many years. She has coached and facilitated change with positive results. 


Coaching will help you:

Improve your communications and avoid-if it applies; Cursing, Crying, Criticizing others and Acting Crazy”. The four C's that hinder effective communication and blocks progress.

1. Learn to exude confidence and control by being even tempered, less   stressed  when delivering an uncomfortable message and become more tactful.
2. Learn to have a poker face with a smile in the mist of stupidity.
3. Learn to recognize certain body language, specific verbal cues and  learn new statements instead of simply saying "I am just telling you the truth”.
4. Communicate what you want vs how you feel or see things going.
5. Learn effective non-judemental request methods, tag lines, effective jargon and message delivery tactics at this seminar.


Learn new communication options and change behaviors that have not been the most effective for you.



For More Information call Mischwa at: 707-695-3599 Murphy HR Consulting & Life Coach Services


Mischwa Murphy-McAdams is a  skilled negotiator and a certified coach with a 25 year professional background of presenting and training managers, employees and other professionals in employee/employer engagement, conflict mediation, communications and negotiating with the right posture in order to be the most effective with the least stress or NO stress.


Coaching Bundle: Save Yourself
500.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Coaching session that concentrates on effective communication and future personal and or career and project goals. This includes five 1/2 hour coaching sessions and 3 emails a week with weekly assignments. Facilitation towards one's goals.