Bronze Girl Productions and Murphy Human Resource Consulting and Life Coach Services provide professional consulting and coaching services for employers and individuals. Mischwa Murphy-McAdams is known for her "Make It Happen" and "Putting Your Best Face Forward" seminars and retreats.


The coaching bundle is, simply titled "Save Yourself, and improve Your Communications," 

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Mischwa Murphy-McAdams presents seminars and workshops that have been designed to address specific work and personal situations. Learn techniques that will improve various aspects of your communications. The workshop includes basic assertiveness training and effective communications techniques.


Mischwa’s Human Resources consulting business offers executive coaching and personal coaching. If you want to explore personal goals or complete certain plans, she can assist you through obstacles that may be impeding your progress and identify the actions you can take to achieve your goals.


Her HR seminars and workshops are available for men and women professionals that want to focus on team work, process improvement, goal planning and general labor relations tactics. Discussions include  workshops for groups that need an intensive Labor Relations boot camp. She teaches managers and supervisors the basics of the union contract, side agreement negotiations and how to draft a change in working conditions notice. You will lean how to draft and interpret contract language and side agreements


The Bronze Girl workshops take a practical and down to earth approach to life. The presenter/s teach you specific tactics and you’ll do exercises to assist you with meeting your goals. Mischwa encourages the participants to assess their own conduct, behaviors and decisions and make changes where needed.  You’ll learn to be more effective. As her mentor has said, "Happy people live better lives."


She offers five 1/2 hour coaching sessions for individuals and 4 1/2 HR retreats.  Retreats and half day workshops are hosted by the booking club or employer.  She comes to your venue. 


Mischwa also offers seminars with pricing that includes the option to add four to twelve 30 minute bundled coaching sessions. All coaching sessions are  booked under Murphy HR Consulting and Life Coaching Services.


Mischwa is a 28 year professional. HR veteran She has negotiated as a contributor on governor's teams, presented hundreds of HR, Labor Relations and communication engagement trainings to managers and professionals and conducted numerous workshops. She is certified in Human Resource Management from University of Davis, CA, has degrees Business  Administration, Social Science and Psychology and has completed life coaching training under the tutelage of Valorie Burton founder of the CAPP institute (Coaching and Positive Psychology) . She is a former licensed Psychiatric Technician, Social Worker Associate and held professional positions as HR Director, Affirmative Action Coordinator, Labor Relations and HR Consultant.